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Dive Against Debris

To participate in these projects you do not need to have a diving license (PADI).

You can get this during the project.


Our waste does not belong under water, but more than eight million tons of it enters the ocean each year and confuses and injures marine life. That is why we are committed to a cleaner sea during this trip and we will clean up the coral reef further by means of 10 Dive against Debris scuba dives.

Dive Against Debris
Dive Against Debris


Around the Greek islands is an ocean full of waste and plastic, which has fatal consequences for marine life. We collect as much waste as possible from the sea and beaches, to ensure that no more waste ends up in the ocean.

Beach Clean-Up

Western Australia

Australia's beautiful coral reefs are also threatened by plastic. The oceans are full of it and marine animals become entangled in the plastic waste. Our waste. That is why we are committed to a cleaner ocean during part of our undiscovered Western Australia trip. During these six days we make a dive every day and collect as much plastic and other waste as possible from the sea.

You will not only have a great experience as a diver, you will also be part of the larger movement to protect the oceans and keep them clean for marine life.

Dive Against Debris

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