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Dive Against Debris

Plastic pollution in ocean environmental

The Philippines, a group of more than seven thousand islands that all have something different to offer and also one of the best diving destinations in the world! The diversity of underwater life in the Philippines is simply incomparable. Unfortunately, the sea is also full of waste and plastic, which has fatal consequences for the current and future state of the marine ecosystems of the Philippines. Our waste does not belong in the sea, but more than eight million tons of it enters the ocean each year and confuses and injures marine life, as well as damages critical natural habitats. That is why we are committed to a cleaner ocean during this trip and we will clean up the coral reef.

If you already own a (PADI) Open Water dive certificate, you will make 9 dives in six days to clean up the coral reef. You will also analyse and report what the state of the coral reef is and what waste you encountered. After each dive, the waste is sorted and weighed, you can easily remove a few kilos of debris from the sea every day! In addition, you will help with two beach clean-ups to ensure that no more waste goes into the sea.

Project Aware Dive Against Debris Travel

Are you still an inexperienced or non-certified diver, don't panic! You will spend the first three days obtaining your PADI Open Water certificate. After this you make 5 dives in three days to clean up the coral reef. You too will learn to conduct a Dive against Debris survey, during which you analyse the condition of the coral reef and report which waste you encounter. You will also learn how you can be an active part of the solution, both during and after the project. In addition, you can admire the beautiful underwater world of the Philippines, during your dives what an unique win-win situation!