Responsible Travel

"We go for green, greener, greenest!"




Every trip starts with volunteer work. You will have the choice between several projects so that you can choose something that is close to you, even if you are far from home. By starting the trip with a project you can familiarise yourself with the local culture and its history, providing you with more knowledge about the country during your trip, which will have a positive effect on your experience.

Through doing volunteer work you will transfer knowledge to areas where this is desperately needed. This can be in the form of your own expertise, learn the English language, offer an extra set of hands or simply give people more confidence.

To make sure that our volunteer work makes a positive contribution to the life of the local community, we create the projects together with them. Afterwards, we will continue to discuss positive and improvement points, so that we can carry out future projects as effectively as possible.⁠


Our trips

Traveleers often uses sustainable, small-scale accommodations in the atmosphere of the country. As a result, local culture and nature are burdened as little as possible and the local community benefits from our travels. We work together with local partners who are in possession of the Travelife certificate or - with evidence - work towards this. In our excursions we try to involve the local population as much as possible. Consider, for example, a cooking workshop with a local family. We also work together with local partners, drivers and guides to stimulate the local economy..


Compensate your CO2 emissions with clean energy somewhere else

Populations in less developed countries are vulnerable. They often do not have energy, let alone clean energy. Furthermore, their options for work, education and health are limited. The CO2 emissions of your trip are compensated by us as standard. This is done through an investment in strictly selected, sustainable climate projects and in the first place your CO2 emissions are reduced to zero. But just as important is that this compensation creates opportunities for the local population. They will get opportunities for clean energy, personal development and employment. Before departure you will receive a certificate from us with the compensated CO2 emissions of your trip.

Free water bottle with filter system

One of the biggest threats our oceans face today is plastic, a product that can take up to 1000 years to break down. Plastic drinking bottles in particular are now getting into our streams, rivers and oceans, which has catastrophic consequences for both mammalian and marine life. Unfortunately, the travel industry makes a large contribution to the problem, where travellers use plastic as convenience products on a daily basis.

Knowing that water is unsafe to drink in many parts of the world, we not only wanted to provide a reusable water bottle for our travellers. Instead, we have gone one step further by offering our travellers a water bottle that is equipped with a built-in filter system to provide you with clean and safe drinking water worldwide.



Respect cultures

and wild animals

While working on volunteer projects and travelling through beautiful countries, we ask you to respect local cultures, traditional heritage and wildlife. We advise you not to participate in the cruel mistreatment of wild animals exploited for the sake of tourism, such as elephant rides and posing with drugged tigers. If you want to learn more about this phenomenon, you can do it here

Travelife Partner

Traveleers has been a Travelife Partner since September 2019, the sustainability label for travel organisations. Traveleers and all our partners work according to the criteria of Travelife, an international management and certification program for travel organisations and accommodations that want to do business sustainably.

But now that we have achieved this label, it does not mean that there is no more work to be done. Sustainability is a part that requires constant attention and in which we want to develop continually