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Local Life Nepal - Accommodation

We consciously choose high quality hotels with comfortable rooms. To allow you to fully enjoy this trip, you will stay in both cultural and luxury accommodation. For each accommodation you can make a choice in advance for a double or twin bed.

We may have to deviate from our selected hotels. You will receive the definitive hotel list with your travel documents.


Kathmandu – Traditional Comfort Hotel

Boutique hotel

3* with an average rating of 9,0.

Nepali tradition and modern comfort meet at Traditional Comfort. As soon as you enter the red-brick building you will notice the perfect balance between traditional artistic features and comfortable modern hospitality. Traditional Comfort follows Newari design and architectural principles. The Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley are said to have been the originators of the distinctive pagoda style of temple architecture, which later spread throughout East Asia. The unique brickwork and woodcarving commonly seen in Newar buildings—including the modern Traditional Comfort—is rarely seen outside of Nepal. Local craftspeople from Patan and Bungamati have hand crafted every detail in the building, from the dark wood carved beams to the bronze fixtures in the lobby to the decorative tile-work in the bathrooms. Although understated in its elegance, Traditional Comfort contains many intricate, surprising details for curious guests: angled ankhi-jyaal windows that cast geometric shadows; scenes of local life hand-painted directly onto the walls. At Traditional Comfort you will be surrounded by the fusion of ancient traditions and a modern capital city. We believe in the power of sustainable tourism. As well as employing local artisans in the design and construction of the hotel, we employ responsible environmental practices.

This traditional hotel has 36 rooms, a roof terrace, restaurant, bar and lounge. Your room has 1 or 2 beds (according to preference), bathroom with toiletries, air conditioning, WiFi, hairdryer and television.


Balthali - Volunteer Project


You will stay in a home stay with a loving family who will gladly take you into their daily lives. The hostess, named Rupa, lives here with her father, mother and sister. Everything is negotiable and can be requested. With a lot of patience and passion they tell about their religion, way of life, the way of life in Nepal and the spirituality and what this means for the village. All vegetables, tea, rice and other snacks are made fresh from their own garden.

Depending on the size of the group, you will stay in the Rupa home stay and home stays within a short walking distance, where hygiene is a high priority. Breakfast and dinner take place together in Rupa's home stay, as well as a drink and snack in the evening. The accommodations each have 3 private rooms and a shared bathroom. With a western toilet and gas shower there is the option of a hot shower.

Spirituality is an important part of the daily life of the inhabitants of the village. You will become acquainted with the morning ritual and you will have the opportunity to participate in a yoga and meditation class led by Rupa, the hostess and by the Dutch project leader, who is also a yoga teacher.


Balthali - Volunteer Project

Balthali Village Resort

3* with an average rating of 9,0.


If you opt for more luxury, you will stay at the Balthali Village Resort, from where you will be taken daily to the project location by jeep. Your breakfast and dinner takes place at the home stay of Rupa together with the rest of the group.

On top of a hill in Balthali lies the Balthali Village Resort - a small, cozy retreat with bird's eye view on green terraced fields strewn with ocher-colored houses and vague hue of Himalayan peaks in the northern horizon.

In this resort you can choose between a standard or deluxe room with a balcony. The standard room has 1 or 2 beds (according to preference), bathroom, television, WiFi and toiletries. The deluxe room also has air conditioning and a balcony.


Chitwan – Barauli Community Homestay

Do it the local way

Average rating of 9,0.


Guests at the Barauli Community Homestay each have a private cottage: earthen, thatched-roof huts that resemble the traditional village architecture of the local Tharu people, but with modern conveniences like running water, comfy beds, and mosquito nets. Each cottage is named after the local woman who manages it.

The accommodation and activities at Barauli are run by the local women. Your guides for many of the activities available here are women, so you’ll get the chance to meet and interact with Nepali women, which can be difficult elsewhere in the country. Running the homestays gives the local women valuable skills and self-confidence, as well as an independent source of income.

The 14 cottages create a little village compound, with tended gardens and farmyard animals tethered beside small patches of farmland. When you’re not engaged in activities, you can retreat to your cottage or pull a chair into the shade outside your accommodation and watch the goats scampering free, or the buffalo chomping on their grass.

Meals are taken in the communal dining hall, decorated with traditional patterns and paintings. If you’re traveling with a group, this is a convenient where everyone can gather. The local women will serve you food sourced from the surrounding land and community. You may notice subtle variations between the food here and elsewhere in Nepal. 

One evening during your stay, you’ll be treated to a Tharu dance performance. Local dancers proudly display their traditional dress and perform the Bhajayati, Thekara, and Dafu dances, which use instruments like sticks and drums. Be prepared to get up and dance yourself, if you like!

Your room has 2 beds, toiletries, bathroom and fan.


Pokhara – Rupakot Resort

Resort with a view of the mountains

5* with an average rating of 8,6.


Escape to the pristine luxury of White Mountains, green hills and village life. Rupakot Resort is the perfect place to discover the tranquil bliss of Nepal's rural life, whether from private veranda overlooking the lakes, the stone blocked posh residence perched on the hill top, or the turquoise waters of the infinity pool.

The luxury rooms are in a cluster of 10 separate cottage-style buildings constructed of local hand-carved stone, set atop a small landscaped hill in the style of the local villages. The twin beds which can also be converted into a full king sized bed as a double room and double rooms with queen sized bed open out onto individual private balconies, with outstanding views of the majestic peaks of Fishtail, the Annapurnas, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri and lakes.

The Rupakot area is a great place for gentle walks and more adventurous hikes either along the route of the "Royal Trek" with stunning views of the mountain range or through forests filled with birdsong and past traditional local homesteads down into the valley below and to Rupa Lake. Our guides can offer guests information on the wildlife and flora of this unspoiled and tranquil area and insights into the local traditional culture and village life.

Your room has 1 or 2 beds (according to preference), bathroom with toiletries, air conditioning, hairdryer, television and private balcony with views of the mountains and the lake.


Ghandruk Trekking – Upgraded Tea Houses

Accommodation in the mountains

During a trek through the mountains of beautiful Nepal, the choice of lodges is limited. We ensure that our lodges are run by a local family, with clean and good rooms and hygienic food.

On your first night in the mountains you will stay in Ghandruk, where comfort lodges are available. This means that your room has 2 beds, bathroom with running hot water and pillows. You must bring your own towels and a sleeping bag here. You can put it in your carrier's bag.

The second night we stay in Jhinu Danda, with only simple lodges. Here you share a shared bathroom. Don't forget to bring an extra towel for relaxing in the wonderful hot water baths in Jhinu Danda!

Wi-Fi is often available for free or for a fee on your route. However, it may fall out due to weather conditions, keep this in mind.


Pharping – Neydo Monastery

Guesthouse of the Neydo monastery

Average rating of 9,0.

Tucked away in the Himalayas of Nepal, amidst the most scenic area, there lies a Buddhist Monastery Guest-house in the most peaceful location alongside Neydo Tashi Choeling Monastery

It is an ideal place to simply relax and unwind all hustle and tussle of mundane life and an easy get-away for a short break, as you may also indulge in meditation, or even study Buddhism or follow a day in life of the monastics.

The Neydo Monastery is purposely situated close to the Asura Cave where Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche, as he is known affectionately, meditated and achieved the highest realization. "There is energy which really helps our meditation practice," says Dechen, the daughter of the monastery's founder, Karma Chagmé Rinpoche.

Almost 200 monks live and study here and if you wish you may eat alongside them, participate in their practice, and gain insight of their monastic life.


Neydo Monastery Guest House is situated in one of the most intriguing places where you still can stay in the Kathmandu Valley with peaceful natural surroundings and home to many significant religious sites of the great siddhas. Here, with 23 comfortable rooms, delicious healthy food made by an excellent chef, you are bound to leave behind all your problems.

Your room has 1 or 2 beds (according to preference), bathroom and balcony with a view of the monastery or Hattiban forest.

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