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Far from here, close to you

Every trip in our portfolio starts with volunteer work. You will have the choice between several projects so that you can choose something that is close to you, even if you are far from home. By starting the trip with a project you can familiarise yourself with the local culture and its history, providing you with more knowledge about the country during your trip, which will have a positive effect on your experience.

Through doing volunteer work you will transfer knowledge to areas where this is desperately needed. Below you will find an overview of the projects that we offer and you can choose something that is in line with your own passions. After selecting a project, you can view the exclusive trip.

Project FutureA

Bosnia and


As a volunteer you organise all kinds of fun activities for these population groups and you arrange a little break from the daily routine for them

Disability Holidays


You will stay in a homestay with a loving family who will gladly take you into their daily lives.

Human Trafficking
Greenhouse System
Seal Care

The Netherlands

During your day in the centre you will contribute to the recovery of the seals and you will experience the different phases that they go through up close. After this you ensure that they can be released in a healthy sea after recovery.

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