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Traveleers only offers high quality products

Based on differentiation and innovation.
To guarantee this, we regularly go on study trips to expand our knowledge
and participate in volunteer projects.


Group trips

After completing the volunteering project we notice that it is nice to talk to your fellow volunteers about your experiences. As a result, our portfolio consists mainly of group trips and you can enjoy a remarkable trip with pleasant company at an attractive price.

We choose to travel in small groups, with a maximum of 18 participants. The world is more accessible to small groups than to individual travellers and busloads of tourists. Small groups offer safety, accessibility and friendship, so that you experience the travel destination more intensively than through other ways of traveling.

Individual and tailor-made trips
Do you prefer to travel individually or with your own group? You can choose a trip from our portfolio to complete on an individual basis, or we can design a complete tailor-made trip for you, in which all of your travel wishes can be processed. After the personal contact you will always receive - without obligation and free of charge - an extensive offer.

Our group trips can also be personalised for you. For example, every trip has optional add-ons or you can opt for land arrangement only, so that you have extension options before and/or after the trip. If desired, we can offer you a language course before departure and there are possibilities to not participate in certain activities, such as a trekking through Nepal. If you have special dietary requirements or medical conditions, we ask you to let us know during the booking process so that we can adjust menus and activities for you..

Expert Trip Manager
During each trip an experienced local guide functions as your trip manager. Your trip manager speaks both English and the local language, preventing language barriers. In addition, your trip manager is an expert in the countries you are traveling through and will provide you with knowledge on history, cities and natures to discover and recommend restaurants and bars. Thanks to the expertise of your trip manager you can go on holiday completely stress- and hassle-free.

If problems do occur, we are available both before, during and after your trip. In addition, we have an emergency number available 24 hours a day.

Information package
A few weeks before departure you will receive your travel schedule with project details, accommodation list, group details and additional information about your destination. This package also contains the certificate of your compensated CO2 emissions and your free water bottle with filter system.

After your trip has been booked you will receive an email to download the Sambasso app. In this app you will find a timeline with your personal travel planning and all the details of the trip. You will also find tips on sites to see, restaurants and practical information.

United Travel

Traveleers is affiliated with United Travel which means that we can offer tailor-made trips to all destinations in the world, so you can come to us for all of your future trips! Through United Travel we are affiliated with the ANVR, SGR and the Calamities Fund.

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return”
- Nelson Mandela