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The Out of Area Foundation has been organising festivals for children in the former Yugoslavia since 2001. The FutureA festival will visit 4 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and entertain children with workshops, dance, music and a big final show. With students and many volunteers from all over The Netherlands you travel through Bosnia and Herzegovina to make thousands of children shine who have been looking forward to our arrival all year round.

During the festival children can walk around in 4 'parts of the world'. The world of art & design, fantasy & magic, sports & games and animals & nature. Each part has its own atmosphere, workshops and characters. You can make a choice in advance for the workshop in which you want to participate. Of course you can also come up with your own workshop or dress up as a character, which is highly recommended! For our fanatics there is the option to be part of the recce team, who leave early in the morning to prepare the festival site for the fantastic day ahead.

On one of the five days there will be no festival, but you can choose from several excursions to get a closer look into the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Warning: when Bosnia is in your heart it is there to stay ”

The choices consist of a Battle Tour, where you will be led by a guide to the 'Igman' mountain near Sarajevo. A number of locations are visited here that show the great contrast between the 1984 Winter Olympics and the 1992-1995 war. The stories are moving and give a good impression of the madness of a war.

The next choice is the 14th-century village of Lukomir, the most remote village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cottages have stone walls and wooden roofs and lie on the edge of a huge canyon; The Rakitnica. According to folklore, this canyon was once the residence of a dragon.

The last excursion leaves for Srebrenica, a black page in Dutch history. During this excursion you will gain insight into the intense events in which both the Dutchbat building and the Memorial are visited.

In addition to these moving excursions, it is also possible to relax on the Jablanica lake, where you can take a dive or sail on the lake. For our daredevils there is the possibility to go rafting on the rather wild river Neretva.