Every vacation, every trip brings new stories.
Memories that will last a lifetime.

Clientenvakanties vrijwilligerswerk Trav

"Warning: when Bosnia is in your heart it is there to stay"

As a volunteer you organise all kind of fun activities for the groups and you give them a little break from the daily routine. You will go swim, sail and play (Dutch) games with them. In the evening a lot of fun will be made, danced and sung, which ensures a lot of laughter and a cosy atmosphere

Whilst working on this project an excursion to Srebrenica will be organised, a black page in the Dutch history. During this excursion you will gain insight into the intense events in which both the Dutchbat building and the Memorial are visited.


Disability Holidays

Throughout the month of August Out of Area invites people with a mental and / or physical disability for a holiday at Lake Jablanica. These people live in large institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where living conditions are considerably lower than in our own country. The clients of the institutions come 3 to 4 days, after which a new group will be received. Since you will be doing volunteer work for 5 days, you are likely to experience 2 groups that can range from youth to geriatrics with different limitations.

Clientenvakanties vrijwilligerswerk Trav