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Human Trafficking

The village of Balthali is only 40 kilometres from Kathmandu. Balthali is a village where you see the women working hard on the land to harvest the potatoes. From the early hours they walk with a basket on their back to provide their family with a small income. In this village you will spend five days and work on a women empowerment project, which is desperately needed as women's rights are still a daily struggle in Nepal.

During this project you will inform students between the ages of 15 and 20 in an interactive and educational manner about human trafficking during two mornings. Because women are still low in the social ladder, this is one of the biggest problems in Nepal. The entire information is provided by your project leader in collaboration with the Nepalese contacts of the Out of Area foundation. During the rest of the project time you will carry out renovation work and organise (educational) activities at a primary school for children between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. The group will be divided into two, one of which will do renovation activities and the rest will work with the children.

Rupa is the directing volunteer in the women's corporation in the village. The women's corporation consists of around 100 women. This corporation has independently carried out various activities with the ultimate goal of strengthening the position of women. They have also set up a joint savings system to support each other and to be able to invest in their future. Rupa has, as she says herself, "the luck" that she studied and obtained her diploma as a yoga and meditation teacher. Spirituality is an important part in the lives of the residents of the village and the women's corporation meets daily for meditation, yoga and prayers in the temple. You are allowed to participate in this every morning.

You will stay in a homestay with a loving family who will gladly take you into their daily lives. The hostess, named Rupa, lives here with her father, mother and sister. Everything is negotiable and can be discussed. With a lot of patience and passion they tell about their religion, way of life, spirituality and what this means for the village. All vegetables, tea, rice and other snacks are made fresh from our own garden. Breakfast and dinner will be had together in the homestay of Rupa, as well as a drink and refreshments in the evening. The accommodations have private rooms and a shared bathroom. With a western toilet and gas shower there is the option to have a hot shower. If desired, you can stay in Balthali Village Resort at an additional expense, from where you will be brought to the project by jeep every day.

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